What Part of Scottsdale is Most Affordable for a First Time Home Buyer?


South Scottsdale is the best part in Scottsdale with the most affordable houses for first time home buyers. The homes are readily available and affordable as compared to the rest of the cities. It has a great lifestyle due to a lot of activities that takes place in the Old Town and south of Scottsdale.

There are financing programs that helps you as a first time buyer to acquire the houses cheaply especially when you do not have money. Availability of loans and real estate market which is affordable is an additional advantage to buyers who really want to acquire homes in this area.Various kind of incentives such as tax credit makes this homes less expensive to purchase.

Buyers should know that this incentives are only available to first time buyers that is,those have have not owned any house for a period of 3 years or more.Houses available suits your level of income as well as your budget and enables you to save your money in the long run. Online application processes make it simple and easy to acquire a house at this strategic place. This important mechanism is provided by Arizona.

There are different variety and categories of real estate in this area that suits you as stated below:

– 2,3 and 4 bedroom houses
– Single story houses with pool and swimming facilities
– Homes with 3 car parking/garage
– Houses guarded by security personnel, with some having casitas

What makes houses in South Scottsdale affordable to first time buyers

– FHA loans which have low interest/rates
– Presence of Tax credit
– Great and powerful Real estate market
– Availability of incentives
– Easily accessible and available home loan programs and credit unions especially from Arizona State Credit Union.

– Affordable mortgage options which cater for 10% of the first mandatory deposit also called down payment.
– With a large down payment, the buyer has a total possession of the house.
– Presence of variety of other financing programs not named above.
– Provision of available and easily accessible online resources that gives guidance to new and first time home buyers on the process of buying houses.

As a new buyer, is good to know that the houses in this place are accessible even to people without a ready down payment or enough money in their accounts. With the options named above, it is easier for you to have your own house than keep on renting, which is expensive in Scottsdale. It is also crucial for you as a buyer to do research so as to get the most sustainable and cheap home which will serve you in the long run

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